High-Quality Drill Services for Over a Decade

AK Trenchless, Environmental Services (Chesterfield) Ltd’s sister company, are a leading trenchless company with over 20 years of experience in the drilling industry & offer a range of operations. From directional drilling, auger boring, pipe jacking & pipe bursting, you can rest assured that you will always receive the highest standard of work and friendly customer service.

Directional Drilling

They operate a mobile/modern fleet of trenchless equipment delivering the best of drill services across the UK. Their trenchless services allow the underground installation of cables and pipes. Everything from water mains, communication cables, sewage pipes, gas pipes, electricity cables is delivered with the utmost care and attention to detail. 

AK Trenchless’s drilling equipment & transportation is of the highest standard, making it incredibly accurate to avoid causing any damage to underground utilities & the environment.  Their directional drill services can be used to lay cables/pipes for example under permanent structures such as railway lines, airport runways, busy motorways, rivers/canals where open-cut installation is not an option or cost-effective

To find out more about directional drilling services, visit AK Trenchless

Fusion Welding

Butt fusion & electrofusion welding services are used in conjunction with our directional drill services, as it is an effective method of joining two pipes together. The two points of fusion are heated and welded together through an automated process that requires qualified & experienced professionals like us.

On completion of the weld, you’ll be left with a strong, permanent joint that is stronger than the original pipe itself.

To find out more about fusion welding services, visit AK Trenchless 

 Auger Boring/Pipe Jacking

AK Trenchless’s Auger Boring/pipe Jacking services can be used to install large diameter clay pipes, steel casings, and plastic ducts in a method that is accurate & less disruptive to the environment such as roads, rivers, railway lines, and properties. Auger Boring is also a cost-effective and a time/efficient option to traditional open-cut methods.

To find out more about Auger Boring services, visit AK Trenchless 

H2 Get in Touch

To discuss our drilling services, contact AK Trenchless LTD to find out more.

Phone: 01246 292 200
Email: enquiries@aktrenchless.co.uk

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    Quick responsive service is key for us. Thanks

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    To all @ Environmental Services, Thank you so much for your help of Friday 29th June 2018. Much appreciated, over and above customer services.

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    Thank your drivers for me please they were very efficient and competent with very little involvement from us

    30/03/2018 @ 06:48

    “Very Professional Company”

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    “This was a one off job. Great job was done. Just seems it was rather expensive. I did not have comparable quotes though. Thanks for the great job.”

    We operate throughout the UK

    Environmental Services (Chesterfield) Ltd operates throughout the UK and our fleet of Vacuum, Liquid Ring and Disab tankers ranging from 3,500 litres to 27,000 litres is backed up by out 7.5 tonne Curtainsider vehicle with a tail lift for easy drum loading. The fleet is also complemented with high pressure jetters.


    The bits we like to shout about...

    24/7 callout service
    Reliable company
    Strong fleet for all jobs

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