Drainage Survey and Drain Patch Repairs

We are able to meet all of your drainage requirements and, more importantly, identify the most cost-effective way to do this.

  • CCTV surveys and reporting
  • Drain patch repairs
  • Identifying of fractured pipes, collapsed drains, tree roots
  • Can offer a ‘no-dig’ lining system allows us to repair drains, sewers and culverts
  • Localised patch repairs instead of fully relining or excavating and re-laying new pipework
  • Water Jetting Trained Operatives with years of experience and JetVac units to take away drain waste

ESC Environmental Services Ltd are able to meet all of your drainage requirements and, more importantly, identify the most cost-effective way to do this. If a major defect, such as a fracture or leak is found in your pipework then we are able to target and repair that specific area. The engineers have years of experience within the drainage industry and can survey, repair and replace a variety of drainage systems.

During the survey we will be able to identify the following problems:

Fractured pipes – Pressure from above, such as a heavy vehicle driving over the ground, can cause cracks and fractures in your drainage pipes. Untreated, these will leak contents into the soil, which could result in further damage to the pipe or even subsidence.

Collapsed drains – Can be caused by the drains being badly built in the first place or a variety of other reasons. If left, not only are blockages likely, but subsidence and environmental damage are possible.

Tree roots – Roots seek out moisture, so they can find their way through existing faults into the drains. Once the tree roots have entered the drain, other material will get caught in them, making blockages far more likely and frequent.

The survey hardware provides HD imagery which is viewed live on and off-site using WincanVX (Or earlier version if required) and HADDMS (For highway projects) software to save time in acting on any immediately required or major repairs. After highlighting suggested corrective works, we can advise on the most appropriate course of action from our years of experience. Full Manhole inspections can also be incorporated into the drainage survey, providing details of the overall condition of each manhole located on site.

  • Full reports on drain inspections
  • Over 450 independent checks
  • Site Drainage Maps can be provided for future use

Instead of excavating and replacing pipes, the availability of a ‘no-dig’ lining system allows us to repair drains, sewers and culverts in a convenient and cost-effective manner. This uses a resin which is cured using water or steam. Specialism in UV light cure system means the process uses less energy for a lower carbon footprint as well as removing the risk of styrene pollution into the environment and watercourse.

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Quick responsive service is key for us. Thanks

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To all @ Environmental Services, Thank you so much for your help of Friday 29th June 2018. Much appreciated, over and above customer services.

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Thank your drivers for me please they were very efficient and competent with very little involvement from us

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“Very Professional Company”

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“This was a one off job. Great job was done. Just seems it was rather expensive. I did not have comparable quotes though. Thanks for the great job.”

We operate throughout the UK

ESC Environmental Services Ltd operates throughout the UK and our fleet of Vacuum, Liquid Ring and Disab tankers ranging from 3,500 litres to 27,000 litres is backed up by out 7.5 tonne Curtainsider vehicle with a tail lift for easy drum loading. The fleet is also complemented with high pressure jetters.


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